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👋🏻 Welcome to LostInSpace! An NFT-based ecosystem will be launched on Elrond Network. Our purpose is to generate joy & revenue for our holders. ▶️ Lost In Space Team’s motivation comes from the fact that a lot of people use the opportunity of DeFi only to create a source of income for THEMSELVES instead of developing long-term projects that will genuinely help the users of a blockchain. 🚀 We are here to build, improve and innovate. 🟢 [ PUBLIC PRE-SALE: ONGOING ] 🤑 $200 TO A RANDOM HOLDER FOR EVERY 10 MINTED NFTs
Average price: 0.213 EGLD
All time high price: 0.4 EGLD
Total volume: 1 EGLD
Total trades: 4
Items: 10000
Creator: LostInSpace

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