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Dive into the captivating elegance of urban allure with "City Stroll" - a limited collection of 101 exquisitely crafted digital paintings. Each piece is a unique portrayal of a radiant woman, seamlessly blending chic fashion and the vibrant heartbeat of the city. As she takes a stroll, you're invited on a journey through bustling streets, glowing neon lights, and the timeless charm of metropolitan life. Every NFT in this collection is more than just a digital asset—it's a story, a moment, a statement. The intricate details of each artwork capture fleeting moments of style, grace, and the city's ever-evolving narrative. Whether you're an art enthusiast, fashion aficionado, or a seasoned NFT collector, "City Stroll" offers a distinctive blend of contemporary digital artistry with classic urban aesthetics. This isn't just a collection—it's an experience, a stroll through the city's soul. Join us, and own a piece of this digital metropolis. size: print-ready 12x18 in

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