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Kittelfdora Blog is a series of online short stories, a new generation of entertaining and thought-provoking fiction, in which you can read about the fortunate and unfortunate adventures of Kittelfdorians after their encounter with humans. Part of the income from this project will help us to feed and care for the "real" stray animals we take care of. The first NFT collection of this blog: "Kittelfdora, Mythical Whiskers" - an NFT collection that brings to life the enchanting world of the Kittelfdorians, an extraordinary race evolved from mythical creatures. Each of the 500 remarkable AI-created NFTs features a unique portrait of the core members of the royal family and individuals from all walks of Kittelfdorian society. Beyond its captivating narrative, "Kittelfdora, Mythical Whiskers" is not just an NFT collection; it is a beacon of hope for the real stray animals of Turkey. Part of the proceeds will be used to feed, sterilise, vaccinate and care for these animals, touching lives in the real world as well as the fantastic. Join us in this ground-breaking venture where creativity meets compassion, and become part of the legacy of Kittelfdora - a world where mythical tales and real-world impact come together. Get your unique NFT today and keep a piece of the extraordinary Kittelfdorian legacy forever.

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