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EgldRush - A Great Elrond NFT Project Farming, Staking, Rewarding

This is a quality 3D art collection with the great rewarding, utility and development program for the community.
Price: 5000 Gems
Supply: 0/3
Elrond Voice AI

NFTs from the legendary Voice of the Elrond Blockchain to build the text to speech AI of the future
Price: 1600 Gems
Supply: 0/3
MEXbay Online Shopping Platform - A Unique Investment Opportunity

MEXbay is a new DAO project, operating on Elrond Network and bringing a new approach to online-shopping.
Price: 1600 Gems
Supply: 0/3
ESTAR.GAMES - A Pioneering Gaming on the Elrond Blockchain

Creating an entire ecosystem built to scale and aiming to create a play to earn gaming experience for the masses.
Price: 1600 Gems
Supply: 0/5
More rewards coming soon!

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