We don’t remember how much it passed since the S.W.I.T.C.H – the major event of humankind, when we moved to the METAVERSE. Who am I? I am Jacksana#00001 – the real one. There was a big fault in the A.I. System and all the Avatars got multiplied several times. The database is screwed and I need your help. Due to the fact I am the real one my rarity is highest, but we can’t be sure until all the clones are minted. Whoever finds the real ME gets all my savings – 5 EGLD. I really want to know the TRUTH. There are 5 GOLDEN clones. Whoever finds one of that gets 1 EGLD.
Average price: 0.016 EGLD
All time high price: 0.02 EGLD
Total volume: 0 EGLD
Last week volume: 0 EGLD
Last day volume: 0 EGLD
Total trades: 3
Items: 10000
Creator: ElrondRoom402

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