MultiversX Tracker


In the mystical lands of MultiversX, where the skies shimmered with starlight and magic filled the air, Roxy wandered gracefully, captivating all with her presence. She explored the dense forests on the edge of the land and discovered an ancient shrine adorned with dragon carvings. Upon touching the carvings, a blinding light enveloped her, and a resonant voice declared her the chosen one. DRAX, the guardian dragon of MultiversX, materialized, offering his protection and strength. Together, Roxy and DRAX vowed to protect the MultiversX land and embark on great quests.
Price: $0.00003172
Marketcap: $105,722
Supply: 3,333,333,333
Circulating Supply: 3,333,333,333
Liquidity: $1,906
Volume(24h): 71
Holders: 112
Transactions: 950
Pool State: Active