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EGLDSqueeze: The Ultimate Memecoin Introducing EGLDSqueeze – a memecoin born out of the sheer power of community spirit and viral momentum. This coin has no utility, no grand promises, just pure meme magic. With a capped supply of 100,001 coins, EGLDSqueeze is as rare as it is humorous. What is EGLDSqueeze? EGLDSqueeze is a memecoin with one purpose: to bring people together through a shared joke and the thrill of being part of a viral movement. Created in the spirit of fun and camaraderie, it leverages the power of community to drive its value. The Movement The EGLDSqueeze movement is about apes uniting and standing strong together. Inspired by the #EGLDSqueeze hashtag and driven by community leader Daniel Veroc ????, the movement encourages members to buy EGLD and spread the word. The slogan "Apes together, STRONG!" captures the essence of this effort. Highlights Total Supply: 100,001 EGLDSqueeze coins. No Utility: This coin is purely a meme, with no underlying technology or purpose beyond being part of a joke. Community-Driven: The value and success of EGLDSqueeze rely entirely on the strength and enthusiasm of its community. Join the Fun Be an Ape: Join the movement by purchasing EGLD and becoming part of the #EGLDSqueeze community. Spread the Word: Share the meme and invite more apes to join. The more, the merrier! YOLO Marketing: Embrace the spirit of YOLO (You Only Live Once) and dive headfirst into the world of memecoins. Community Insights Daniel Veroc ????: The voice and face of the EGLDSqueeze movement, rallying apes and pushing the meme forward. Growing Numbers: From 345 members to over 415 and counting, the community is expanding rapidly. Viral Potential: With tweets and posts encouraging exponential growth, the dream of 1 million apes is alive and well. EGLDSqueeze is the ultimate example of a meme bringing people together. It’s about having fun, being part of something bigger, and seeing just how far a joke can go when apes unite. Join the #EGLDSqueeze movement today and be part of the meme revolution!
Price: $0.02805
Marketcap: $2,805
Supply: 100,000
Circulating Supply: 100,000
Liquidity: $1,307
Volume(24h): 98
Holders: 50
Transactions: 134
Pool State: Active