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MM1 is a store of value like Bitcoin. In this article, we explore how MM1 compares to physical gold and other assets as a store of value. MM1 aims to be a reliable store of value, retaining its purchasing power over time and being easily exchangeable for other assets, such as fiat currency, precious metals, real estate, and property. Compared to other MVX tokens, MM1 should possess key qualities like durability, portability, fungibility, divisibility, scarcity, and verifiability. With its digital scarcity and decentralized nature, MM1 is an attractive store of value, featuring a limited supply of just 5,000 tokens, poising it to become a top market cap asset." "Tokenomics of Milliontoken (MM1): * 5,000 tokens minted, no more will be created * 2,000 tokens sent to Onedex staking pool for rewards with 2% APR (similar to holding Bitcoin and mining over time) * 2,000 tokens sent to liquidity pool for trading (current value: $6,000)
Price: $4.587
Marketcap: $22,935
Supply: 5,000
Circulating Supply: 5,000
Liquidity: $1,440
Volume(24h): 22
Holders: 2021
Transactions: 686
Pool State: Active