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Oxo isn't just a character; it's the meme that launched a revolution, embodying unity in a digital world often splintered by anonymity. In a sphere where identities shrink to mere usernames and avatars, Oxo stands as the ever-grinning face of a digital utopia—where every like, retweet, and friend request enriches the intricate social fabric binding us all. Conceived from the very essence of the social network, Oxo emerges as a lively spirit on a mission to transform the cold binary of data into the warm, tangible connections that knit together a global community. Oxo thrives in the domain of collective intelligence, where each individual’s strengths enhance the collective prowess, creating a robust network of skills, insights, and mutual enlightenment.
Price: $0.00003008
Marketcap: $12,656
Supply: 420,690,000
Circulating Supply: 420,690,000
Liquidity: $4,680
Volume(24h): 35
Holders: 82
Transactions: 199
Pool State: Active